What is Ball Joint?

  There are many mechanical parts in vehicles. Most of the time, it is not known what these components do, so many problems can be experienced. One of the mechanical parts in the vehicle is the ball joint. Ball joint is a connecting element that can adapt the shock absorber system to each other and has a movable nature. The ball joint is connecting the axle head to the wishbones. There are two types of ball joints: lower ball joint and upper ball joint. If the ball joint in your vehicle is broken, your vehicle will have symptoms such as: Camber angle distortion in your vehicle Right or left pulling situation in vehicles Tires start to wear faster Hearing sound when entering pits Hearing sounds resembling impacts during rapid braking and sudden departures in vehicles If your vehicle has such symptoms, it means that the ball joint assembly is broken. But this is a situation that can be solved if you have the necessary tools. If there is a tool called a puller, there is also